Mission: The Claremont Soup Kitchen’s mission is to be a trusted resource within our community, committed to providing assistance with dignity, respect, and compassion for all, by procuring and distributing food and essentials through our programs and partner agencies.

The Claremont Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry is a non-profit community agency committed to serving individuals and families needing food assistance in the Sullivan County Area. We provide food and other available products to those in need. The overall objective of the agency is to advocate, create and operate programs and services that promote dignity and self-sufficiency for those we serve. To ensure that basic needs are addressed, the CSKFP is committed to joining with others in a community-wide ethic of caring.

Our Board of Directors

Priscilla Hull

Lynette Mullen

Mary Lownie

Tim Bates

Tausha Shute

Kelli Bator

Beth Lemieux

Ken Lownie

Nancy Lightner

Heather McCall


Our Staff

Cindy Stevens, Executive Director

Jasmine Spear, Assistant  Director

Christine Currier

Susan Walker

Johanna Parker

Jessica Tardiff

Alex Shinkevich

Fran Williams

Matthew Fegan



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